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Forensic Expert, Anil Gupta Forensic Services, Most often focused our attention on providing helpful genuinely valuable and honest opinions in Forensic Science, Finger Print Examination by our Forensic expert. Our main object is to provide best service in the field of Forensic Science, Handwriting and Finger Print to the public and our main aim is to assist the court regarding the problems of handwriting, Forensic Science and Finger Prints.


Forensic Expert
Forensic Expert


Our Forensic expert, in the field of Forensic Science, examines the document as a whole to find out its execution with regard to the effect that document was executed genuinely or not.

Our Forensic expert examines the documents to find out material and fraudulent additions/alterations and also detect the erasing made in a fraudulent manner.

We in the field of Forensic Science, our forensic expert examine the document to determine the age of the signatures by examining changes appears in the genuine signatures/handwriting of a person from time to time or due to some accidental reason.

We, in the field of Finger Print Examination as part of Forensic Science, compared the thumb impressions to determine their genuineness or otherwise.

We, in the field of Forensic Science, also make voice analysis identification which is also used in the detection of crime.

We, in the field of Forensic Science, also deal with the cross examinations of the expert giving opinion on ballistics and ammunitions.

We, in the field of Forensic Science, also deal with the detailed cross examination to the experts giving opinion on Forensic Problems in Civil and Criminal Matters.



Forensic Science Examination

Our reports in the field of Forensic Science and Handwriting have also been upheld in so many cases in Session Courts and Lower Courts.

Our reports in Forensic Science examination are prepared with examination with latest techniques and reports are prepared in details.

Our forensic expert prepared photographs of the Forensic Science Problems with digital photography and attached these photographs with the reports for demonstration purpose to the Hon’ble Courts which are highly helpful to assist the courts regarding handwriting and forensic Science problems.

We, hope that new forensic expert in the field of Forensic Science examination will join our company to assist the courts and to help the public with the latest techniques.

The forensic science is the object to examine the documents with application of scientific method and instrument to detect the problem in hand.

The signatures, thumb impressions and problems relating to handwriting and forensic science are common in India, where private experts are required in the civil and criminal cases and their opinions are sought by the parties.

We in the field of forensic science also deals and gives our  opinions in the field of serology ,toxicology, anthropology.

Our company is registered wide enrolment no AOFE-001 and hopes to give best service in the field of forensic science and handwriting examination to the public and to assist the court.