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Voice identification expert – Voice identification service could play great importance in one’s life as It has a big contribution towards eliminating the suspects over many digital devices. And so Demand of an Expert opinion has risen in recent years due to its excellence in the legal field. Voice identification is the process to identify whether recording of the speech is from the speaker or not. It is important for you to choose the voice identification expert wisely. When it comes to select amongst all, Anil Gupta forensic services has the best voice identification experts. We built a special customer relationship and works to provide them with assured satisfaction. Our accuracy and reliability has never been in question in any of the courts or never considered an issue in the admissibility of voice identification evidence. We ensure high-quality standards results with in-depth procedures ensured by our team because a single mistake can change the whole evidence. Our team do consistent efforts through standardization and uniformity. We place a high value of faith in our clients due to which all our test are performed in a secure environment and kept confidentially. We believe in dealing with our clients with utmost honesty, diversity and teamwork. We understand the value of your precious time and doesn’t make your waiting hours long. Our experts’ experience and examination of thousands of cases reflect in our work quality and results.

Voice identification expert
Voice identification expert

Voice identification expert can help in the investigation process to identify the speaker through various methods using modern technologies and science i.e.

  •  Voice Identification Spectrograph  Audio
  •  Verification Script of audio MMS & Video Clip Examination 
  • Verification Video
  • Tempering Analysis Audio
  • Tempering Examination Voice Alteration Verification
  • Hard Disk Imaging Internet Crimes Software
  •  Piracy Pirated CDs/DVDs Expert witness and testimony User 
  •  History and other related this field Target (Child, Spouse, Vehicle) Tracking Webcam scams
  • Identifying whether a recording has been tampered with
  •  Deciphering unclear speech,

 Our experts use the most reliable method used to perform such analysis using a phonetic-acoustic approach. We have the latest –

  1. sound spectrograph
  2. An automatic sound wave analyzer
  3. PC  based systems widely used for the analysis and classification of human speech sounds.

 This instrument produces a visual representation of a given set of sounds in the

  • Parameters of time
  • Frequency & amplitude 
  •  Analysis editing
  •   Playback 
  • High fidelity signal acquisition
  •  High-speed digital processing circuitry for quick & flexible analysis
  •   CD-quality playback
  •  Displaying multiple sound spectrogram
  • Adjusting the time alignment and frequency ranges
  •  Taking detailed numeric measurements of the displayed sounds

With the help of these technologies, the examiner gets a more clear and detailed picture of the voice which is being analyzed

 Anil Gupta forensic services also provide facilities like examination, comparison and forgery of signatures, thumb impression, detection of fabricated documents, transplanted thumb impressions, photocopy documents from the result of the computer, chemical erasing and nature of a person to find out their genuineness by the help of a stereomicroscope and U.V rays.